Yes, pregnant women can join Weight Watchers Gh but with them, we do private coaching only!


Yes, they can. Men can join and we have had a number of amazing Male boot campers in the past.

Q3: Am not in Accra, can I take part?

Yes! Since our programme is virtual, your location is not an inhibiting factor. We have seen to clients in Yendi, Aflao and lots of clients outside Ghana. They had a successful time during Bootcamp.

Q4: If am requested to get some items and I don't know where to get them, is there someone to help out?

Yes! We have a company known as healthfocus_international. They stock up all items you need for Bootcamp and will deliver to you in all parts of Ghana.

They are affordable and it saves you more money to get items from them since delivery will be from just one vendor.

Q5: Can children join our bootcamps?

We request that, children below 16yrs join our private coaching services so personalized meal plans can be made for them. This will make it more effective and sustainable. The idea is to focus on foods they love as well as activities they love and turn it into healthier forms for them, still aiming at weight loss.

Q6: Do you see to breastfeeding mothers?

Yes we do! Infact, postpartum mothers were our inspiration for starting this program.

Q7: How many people are in a group at a time?

We take to a maximum of 50 people per group. We try to make it into as many small batches as possible, to ensure that it's effective.

Q8: What makes private coaching services special?

With private coaching, you are assigned to two people, a dietitian or nutritionist and a medical doctor. They monitor the clients daily. Also the meal plan, exercise routines etc are chosen and tailored to suit your target, likes, dislikes, specific medical conditions, schedule etc You do not get this in group coaching.

Q9: Do you only offer keto diet?

No. We offer low carb(lclc), diet for nursing mums, specialised meal plans for pregnant women, people on dialysis etc

Q10: Are you a registered company?

We are a fully registered Ghanaian company, registered under the Limited Liability Act.

Q11: Do you offer meal prepping services?

Yes, we have caterers available for meal preparation. You are allowed to choose as little as one meal to be prepped for you and you independently get to decide on the number of times meal should be delivered. Cost is dependent on the discussion between yourself and the caterer to suit your estimate. Meaning you can prep with as little as 50ghc.

Q12: Are the meals african meals?

Yes, majority are the routine Ghanaian meals you eat every day e.g light soup, kontomire stew, beans stew etc.

Q13: Are the meals easy to prepare?

We ensure the meals are very easy to prepare so each person can prepare them on their own whether or not they have culinary skills.

Q14: How do you ensure clients stick to the meal plan and are disciplined?

During Bootcamp, boot campers send pictures of their meals daily; send proof of exercises in the form of pictures of their sweaty face after exercising etc. These activities take a few seconds to take and send.

Q15: What if I am shy?

Then private coaching is an option. Or, we can simply send you the entire 4 weeks meal plan for you to follow on your own without any of the above requirements. This means, we will not be available daily for individual questions on WhatsApp which will make your services automatically personal coaching.

Q16: Do you have a personal fitness instructor who can help me with one on one sessions?

Yes, but it comes at an additional cost calculated using the number of sessions you want per week and your location.

Q17: What makes Weight watcher ghANA special?

We are not a one-man team. We have a group of the best experts in all the different aspects of fitness and health who put together meal plans, work out sessions etc for the best results.

Q18: Am a very busy person, can I join?

Yes, the program is tailored to suit busy people. There are different services available to suit to all your needs and to make bootcamp easier.

Q19: How many months do you recommend for clients?

At least we recommend 3 months for good and sustainable results.

Q20: How flexible is bootcamp?

Our bootcamps are super flexible as we allow clients to swap and skip meals.